Posted by: Rachel | April 11, 2011

S’more of Nothing Cupcakes

I’m back!  After 20+ hours of driving, a competition finished, a sunburn earned, I am at home.

Just like the competition this weekend, these cupcakes didn’t go as planned.  But then again, when you know the race is a test of endurance, how can not training be a good game plan?

But that’s neither here nor there.

I’m calling these cupcakes s’more of nothing cupcakes because that’s kind of how they turned out.  I had a s’more idea in mind: a chocolate cupcake with a marshmallow and graham cracker inside, topped with a cloud of marshmallow frosting.

still missing the marshmallow on the inside

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

But that’s not how this ended.  After baking, the marshmallows literally melted away to…nothing.  I expected a nice fluffy marshmallow on the inside of each cupcake and instead ended up with white traces of marshmallow residue on the outside of the cupcakes.

I used a sour cream chocolate cupcake base from the Cake Mix Doctor.  That woman is a genius.  The cupcake was delicious- light, soft and airy.  Like a feather pillow at a campsite.  A little bit of softness that goes a long way.

don't let the white mark fool you

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

The graham cracker was soft on the inside of the cupcake, too.  No surprise crunch, but I was ok with that.  And the marshmallow cream on top was sugary and fluffy.  The frosting wasn’t quite as thick as I imagined, but it didn’t run or drip so it fit the recipe.

I think this recipe needs a little modification to help the marshmallow disappearing act because I thought this was a great idea.  But then again, I also thought swimming without a wetsuit (in 60 degrees F water) would be fine, too…

please don't make me get in!!

Please, don't make me get in!

S’more of Nothing Cupcakes


1 batch of sour cream cupcakes (Due to my uncertainty about copyright restrictions, I’m not going to post the recipe)

1 batch of marshmallow frosting (also from the Cake Mix Doctor book)

~5 sheets of regular graham crackers

~15 giant marshmallows


Prepare cupcakes as directed.  When placing the cupcakes in the muffin tins, fill them about a 1/3 of the way.  Then add 1/8 graham cracker sheet (or to taste) and then place 1/2 a marshmallow on top.  Cover the marshmallow and graham cracker with batter but be sure that the tin is not full; otherwise the batter will overflow and make a huge mess.

cupcakes overflowing!

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

Bake according to cupcake directions.

Make marshmallow frosting.

Ice the cupcakes after they are cool or the icing will probably run.

Kind of how I felt after getting out of the water.  Especially the roaring part.



  1. I don’t like marshmallows and yet, those still look really good. Maybe if you dip the graham crackers in chocolate and then freeze them before inserting into the batter, they would stay crunchy? (I’m thinking that might be a work-around, sort of like how ice cream cones are coated with chocolate-waxy-stuff to keep them crunchy in those ice cream with ice cream cone treats that markets carry.)

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