Posted by: Rachel | April 12, 2011

The Truth About Chocolate Milk

If you’ve done any reading of the athletic persuasion, you may have seen the new research about chocolate milk.  There’s plenty of literature circulating about the benefits that chocolate milk supplies after exercise.

While this article on WebMD may not be the final authority on chocolate milk, I feel that it supports the literature that I learned while minoring in Nutrition and Food Sciences as an undergrad and have found from other sources.

The quick version: chocolate milk provides the quick carbs and protein for muscle rebuilding after exercise.

(Photo courtesy of Photobucket)

Here’s a college sports team that required their athletes to drink chocolate milk (who would complain about that?)

But there are always those Debbie downers that frown on the sugary side of chocolate milk.  I see the problem: lots of sugar+overweight issues+reduced physical education classes=children at risk for being overweight/obese that are too wired to pay attention in class.

While debate and concern are merited, my opinion (because everyone is entitled to one) is that children should have the opportunity to drink low fat chocolate milk in school.  They may not have the privilege of drinking chocolate milk at home, but calcium at school is a bonus.

While the sugar is a downside to chocolate milk, the calcium outweighs the unnecessary sugar intake.  Growing bodies are in need of calcium and a box of chocolate milk makes happy bones and teeth and smiling faces.


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