Posted by: Rachel | September 29, 2011

Banana Bread

Oh my goodness gracious.

I’m starting this post now even though I haven’t tasted the finished product yet.  Just the smell of the bread baking in my oven is enough to give this amazing reviews.

I’m impressed at my own self control; I’m able to sit and smell this goodness and I haven’t ripped open the oven door and dug in with bare hands.  Second degree burns might be another deterrent there, but whatever.  I’m giving myself credit.

Even the batter was absolutely delicious.  Chez Pim really knows what she’s doing.

Sift that flour!

sifting flour

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

There’s no way to explain this taste that does justice to the meshing tastes of rum, coffee and banana.  All I can say is try this.  I’m sure everyone has their own family favorite recipe for banana bread, but risk a panic among the rest of your crew and surprise them with this.  They might just find a new favorite to add to the rotation!

And I really don’t think they could turn down a bread like this after smelling it…


Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

I’m not going to repost the recipe because I pretty much did exactly what Chez said: I did use heavy whipping cream instead of sour cream/yogurt and I used regular rum instead of Jameson.

And I did add the butter last, by ignorant accident.  Imagine my surprise as I turned around to pour the batter into the pan and there was my melted butter.

butter and batter

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

Dang it.

But I think the bread recovered.  And now, after tasting a piece, I can certify that it still tastes delicious!



  1. looks tasty! and I didn’t know you liked bananas! 😉

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