Posted by: Rachel | September 9, 2011

The skeptic and the chocolate cupcake

One food blog that I have really enjoyed following these days is Can You Stay For Dinner, a blog written by a lovely lady named Andie.  She’s quirky and fun and makes food writing pleasurable to read.

Oh, and her pictures are fantastic.

Well, a while ago, she posted a chocolate cupcake recipe: vegan and 100 calories.  She boasted that the recipe was one of the best she’d ever tasted, and so delicious.

Well.  If that’s not a challenge I’m not sure what is.

choc muffins in a pan

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

So, in the throes of a chocolate need, I made these little diddies.  I followed the recipe, word for word, using cow milk and therefore making my version non-vegan.

And at first, I was not convinced.  The batter did not taste good, and the muffins were stickier (post-baking) than I had anticipated.  Hm.

mixing bowls

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

Don’t misunderstand me; they filled the chocolate hole in my stomach.  But they weren’t as sweet as I thought they would be.  Hm.

Then: I froze them.  (Gasp!)  And later ate a frozen chocolate cupcake.  Delicious. Ah!

Note: I’m sorry for the bland pictures.  And I’m especially disappointed because I was not able to get a decadent, bitten cupcake picture.  But good news!  I found the cord for my camera so I can actually take real pictures now!



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