Posted by: Rachel | May 10, 2011


Today should be given a special note in the history books.  Family history, that is.  I was able to convince my brother/best friend, Zach, to have Nutella on his waffle.  For breakfast, which is something he rarely does.  Mind you, he’d already eaten three other waffles and a bagel so if this Nutella waffle concoction didn’t work out, he wasn’t going to starve.

Here’s his feedback on the taste: “Good.  Not too buttery, not too salty, not too sweet, not too chocolatey.”

And I was so proud.  My little broski, eating chocolate in the morning.  Not even just chocolate, but Nutella, which I have come to affectionately call crack.  Then he continued, “But it’s weird.  Chocolate in the morning.”

broski and nutella waffle

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

AH!  Dashing my hopes and dreams.  Oh well.  At least he ate it.

Breakfast Waffle

Ingredients: (all to taste)

A waffle




Toast waffle to desired crispness.  Spread a layer of butter to soften the waffle (just a little).  Slather as much Nutella as your heart desires on top.  Drink with a glass of milk. Zach said orange juice provided a little undesired tang after the chocolate.


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