Posted by: Rachel | May 9, 2011

Paula’s Ooey Gooey Chocolate Cake

Well good afternoon, y’all!  I hope all the moms were properly celebrated and everyone enjoyed a beautiful weekend.  This weekend was very weather appropriate time to thank the woman that makes all this possible.

brother, mom and me

Mom, brother/best friend and me at my cousin's wedding

For Mother’s Day, my brothers, sister and I decided to surprise my mom with a picnic dinner while we watched the POPS symphony performance at the pavilion.  She loves listening to the Mother’s Day special show they play, so we (all the kids and my dad) packed up and joined her.  We put our beach chairs out and tried as best we could to fit with the other proud moms.

A picnic dinner of chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, pasta salad, and dessert satisfied our little crowd as the symphony played excerpts from musicals like Grease, Cats and My Fair Lady, among others.

the crowd at the concert

The crowd at the concert. Photo by the Orchestra!

My treat this time, made especially for my mom, is the ooey gooey butter cake (in double chocolate form).  My parents and I have been to Paula Deen’s restaturant, Lady and Sons, and have tried this cake from her restaurant’s kitchen.  I wanted to see if I could do the cake justice.

Bottom layer of cake

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

Here’s the bottom half of the cake, before the ooey gooey part.

Because I didn’t change anything from Paula Deen‘s recipe, I’ll just send you to her page for the instructions.

The second half of this, the cream cheese filling, the delicious ooey gooey, tasted absolutely delicious before the butter.  I almost almost left out most of the last stick of the butter.

But then, I realized this was for mom.  Not for me.  And my mom is a full-fat, make things taste good, put-that-last-tablespoon-of-butter-in-there, Rachel, and-don’t-try to-leave-it-out-when-I-turn-around kind of woman.  And she still looks so damn good!  (Believe me, when your boss and coworkers tell you to be thankful that she’s  your mom, you have to believe she’s a good looking lady).

I do plan to healthify this recipe.  Be on the lookout.  Two sticks of butter and a package of cream cheese are too much for me to include on a regular day, even in a dessert from you, double chinned Paula, dear.  Bless her heart.

But for now, I intend to wade in her cream cheese, wallow in her butter and toss her powdered sugar like ocean spray and rejoice in the rich, thick, buttery fat that makes decadent taste.  This is just that good. (Just ask my dad, who took the leftovers to work before I could get an ooey gooey photo).



  1. I am so like your mom in that regard. My husband and I are currently fighting “blog” weight from all that heavy creamed-pasta for the last 5 months. 😉 maybe now that I’ve mainstreamed it, I can ease up on the butter a little. (maybe.)

    • i am so amazed at the taste difference when you include all the butter. keep the butter, and keep up the biking! maybe we can have both 🙂

  2. When I read the words “Paula Deen Restaurant,” my heart start beating fast and my cholesterol went up slightly. I want to go to there.

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