Posted by: Rachel | April 3, 2011

3 Ingredient Mint Oreo Truffles

Confession: I made these for St. Patrick’s Day.  This is a confession because 1) I have held out on posting this and 2) I thought the inside of the truffles would be green, like the mint frosting in the oreos.  Wow.  Now I’m going to find the Wizard of Oz and request a brain…

The credit for this post has to go to my friend, Jeff.  He brought these (and a peanut butter flavored batch) to a cookie exchange with a bunch of our friends and at the end of the night, I think I took home every truffle he brought to ‘share.’  Oops.  Then didn’t even share those with roommates.  Double oops.

This time, when I made them, I decided to be a touch more healthy and threw in one of my favorite substitutions: greek yogurt instead of cream cheese.  I would call it yogurt cheese but that does not sound appetizing.  Grogurt?  Yogurt cream?  Ew.  Does anyone have any better ideas?

Regardless, this is easy but takes a little more planning.  About 24 hours before you intend to make a dessert with this cream cheese substitution, put the greek yogurt wrapped in a paper towel or cheese cloth in a straining device (I use an open-top sifter) over a glass or bowl and put pressure on top.  Store in the refrigerator and change the wrapping once just to absorb a little more liquid.   Then use like cream cheese.

Draining the liquid

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

Mint Oreo Truffles


8 oz. cream cheese OR 1 vanilla greek yogurt+1 plain greek yogurt (I mixed the two then took just a bit out to get the measurement to ~8 oz.)

1 package mint oreos

8-12 oz. semi sweet chocolate, melted


Crush oreos into crumbs.*

*I tried to cheat and use the food processor, but wouldn’t recommend it.  The truffles were very smooth in the center but a bit oily when I tried to roll them.  I think this is part of the reason why they melted when I tried to dip them.

Cover a cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper so you can easily put them in the freezer after they’ve been dipped in chocolate.

Roll oreos into balls, whatever size you’d like.**

**There is a fine ratio line of chocolate to oreo.  I think the balls are better when smaller.

While rolling, melt chocolate in double boiler.  Keep an eye on the chocolate and stir occasionally; chocolate burns very easily.

Refrigerate/freeze balls for a few minutes so they (hopefully) withstand the chocolate.

Dip the balls and roll them around in the chocolate then place them on the parchment or wax paper on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer.

The idea is very simple, but the dipping can be a bit strenuous.  As in, infuriating.  My truffles kept melting in the chocolate and leaving little clumps in what should have been smooth chocolate.  So towards the end, I ended up dripping/drizzling/pouring/wiping my chocolatey fingers on the truffles to get the chocolate to stick.

How the truffles look when done correctly:

good looking balls

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

How the truffles look when I tired of dipping and melting:

OK, this is heinous, but tastes delicious!

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

Might I say, there was no discrimination between the pretty and ugly truffles.  All of them were eaten.  And then people asked for more.

For kicks and giggles: what I’m listening to right now.  And kind of how my tongue feels when I eat these truffles…



  1. I made them over winter break and froze the oreo balls before dipping. It helped a bit, but I used neufchatel cheese because I mistakenly thought it was low-fat cream cheese, and bought that instead. My next batch I’m going to try fat-free cream cheese.

  2. Love the humor in your posts! I think I’m going to go on a baking spree before the end of the semester so I have something yummy to munch on while I study and write away!

  3. This looks yummy. I think I’m going to try this out especially since I love chocolate!!

  4. […] rest is that crazy greek yogurt cheese (henceforth referred to as greek YC) that I explained in the oreo truffle post, or by the master herself.  Skeptics, don’t hate.  You must attempt making this before […]

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