Posted by: Rachel | March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day: French Silk Pie

Happy Pi(e) Day!

pi = 3.14159265358979323846…

I despise math.  Part of my motivation for being an English major in college was so that I didn’t have to do any more math.  Therefore, I will be baking a pie in celebration and not doing anything math-related.

This seemed like a good occasion to tackle something that hasn’t been done for this blog.  My aunt makes a mean french silk pie that I’ve wanted to make for a while so I requested the recipe and whipped it up for the family.

Unfortunately, I cannot share the actual recipe.  She only gives it to ‘family and friends’ and so I interpret that as ‘do not share it over the internet with strangers.’  Sorry, kids.  Meanwhile, Katrina had a great recipe for a French Silk Pie the other day- check it out!

I say ‘whipped it up’ like it was easy.  Not so.  The crust gave me a hard enough time.

*NOTE: make sure your crust is not frozen and not room temperature.  For it to be rolled out properly, the crust must be chilled.  Flour your rolling surface and the rolling pin, then roll out the crust.

Pie crust

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

Once I figured this out (and avoided beating the counter with the rolling pin in frustration), the procedure went well.

Went well until the dog ate the butter.  I left butter on the table outside in the sun to get room temperature quickly.  I let the dog out and came back in about 5 minutes to an empty table and a guilty dog.  Boo, the family mutt, had eaten about three tablespoons of butter before I found her.

The culprit

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

She might have had a terrible stomach ache later, but we all enjoyed the pie.  Even my pickiest brother liked it.  Although the texture wasn’t as smooth as my aunt’s, there were barely any leftovers.

A slice of pie

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

The pie went over so well, in fact, that my mom requested another one for her small group meeting.  This time, I made it with a graham cracker crust and tried to have softer butter to get the texture even smoother.  I’ll post the results of that test when my mom lets me know how the tasting goes!

UPDATE: My mom said the pie was just as good, but the graham cracker crust was a bit more crumbly.  Sounds like a personal preference to me!

Happy Pi(e) Day!



  1. What an adorable dog!

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