Posted by: Rachel | March 3, 2011

Chocolate Praline Cake

I made this chocolate praline cake in honor of my grandmother, Granny.  She gave me the Cake Mix Doctor cookbook which is full of fun ideas for boxed cake mixes.  After she made the almond pound cake at Christmas, I insisted on getting the recipe so she gave me the book instead.  She mentioned this cake as one she wanted to try when she gave me the book and I knew I wanted to try it also.

Try not to bite your screen

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier


I also associate my grandmother with pralines because she made them for us once at home.  Pecans are in pralines, so the praline cake and Granny kind of go together.

Toasted pecans and chocolate are a sweet duet that sing sweet nothings to my tastebuds.  This cake combines the two nicely, as well as adding more sugar in the icing and praline layer between the cake layers.  It was quite a bit messy, though, so I wouldn’t advise making this cake if you’re going for aesthetic presentation.  It’s delicious, but I had trouble making it look good.

Due to copy right issues, I don’t think I’m able to post the actual recipe for this.  But the book is a great, cheap ($10 on Amazon) investment for easy recipes that really do taste homemade.  And I have to give a shout to the almond pound cake.  It’s not chocolate, but baby, it’s delicious!

A few notes to consider:

dripping icing

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

Wait for the cakes to cool entirely before icing them.  I iced too soon and when I cut a piece (of course I didn’t wait), the icing was melting inside the cake.  It didn’t taste bad, but the runny icing made for a messy cake.






Another thing that made this cake messy was the praline layer.  I stored the cake in the fridge due to the whipped cream icing and the cool temperature made the sugar praline layer more difficult to cut.  Every piece was messy but moist and rich.

the delicious but difficult to cut praline layer

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

Speaking of rich, this cake was extremely sweet.  The sweetened whipped cream+brown sugar praline+chocolate cake can really give you a sugar rush if you’re not careful.  If you don’t want the jitters for the rest of the day or want to be able to sleep at night, moderation is highly advised for this cake.

Oh, and enjoy every last sugar-overloaded bite.



  1. that cake looks amazing! 🙂

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