Posted by: Rachel | February 12, 2011

Valentine’s Day: Chocolate and…Beer?

Valentine’s Day- the day to profess love with cute hearts, red cupcakes and adorable sprinkles.

So stereotypical.  Instead, I’m bringing you something to hit a whole new flavor note: Guinness Stout cupcakes.


Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

Instead of a cutesie, lovey-dovey post full of paper doilies and chocolates in a box, I’m bringing you a rich, home-made flavor combination that says “I can please the chocolate eater and have a drink”: chocolate and beer.

Don’t worry if your significant other isn’t a big drinker (at least try- there is something for everyone!); the alcohol taste is baked out most of the way but still leaves a subtle hint of deep and rich on the tongue.  These are also not overwhelmingly sweet, but trust me, they hit every chocolate-craving in my body.  And there was a little beer left over for the chef.

For complete instructions, check out Smitten Kitchen’s original recipe.  All my adjustments are noted below, in order of ingredients made.

For the cupcakes:

the bottoms of all the first batch- stuck to the bottom of my muffin tin

Without little paper muffin cups, all the bottoms remain in the pan.

N.B.: Use cupcake liners.  Greasing the pan well does not substitute for liners.  Otherwise, keep everything the same.  Delicious.

For the filling:

I didn’t have an apple corer or cookie cutter, so I swirled the smaller part of a spoon around the middle and made sure the frosting looked pretty when it poked out of the top.

I also did not have any Irish whiskey so therefore didn’t use any for the filling.  This would bring out a great flavor layer if you have some and are ready for a little alcoholic punch.

For the frosting:

I also couldn’t get my hands on any Baileys, so I used a tablespoon or two of leftover Guinness.  This also tended to be a little more liquidy, so drizzling may be required.  To thicken, just add more powdered sugar.

the moist interior with an insertion of ganache

Photo by the Homemade Chocolatier

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to belong to Hallmark, stuffed bears or red roses anymore.  Reclaim Valentine’s Day and eat it/drink it/bake it your way.



  1. This is way more awesome then hearts and cupcakes!! Love it!!

  2. These are SO good!!!

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