Posted by: Rachel | February 9, 2011

Chocolate Almond Butter

Nut butters in general are a blessing.  Specifically, almond butter is a blessing and a treat.  Chocolate almond butter is…  Amazingly delicious!

Even though I got a little bit of guidance for this post, I didn’t use any recipe.  It was more of an experiment to see what worked.

The result is not very sweet but I found it to be enjoyable.  To sweeten it up, just pair with something a little more sweet, like oatmeal or bananas.

banana and almond butter sandwich

Photo by Homemade Chocolatier

What’s your favorite way to use nut butters?

Chocolate Almond Butter


Approximately 1 cup whole almonds, roasted (I threw in extras because I knew I would be munching along the way).

1/2 teaspoon salt

~1 tablespoon cocoa powder (start with less and add as you go to ensure it doesn’t get too bitter)

3 pieces of a Hershey’s chocolate bar

~1/2 tablespoon sugar


Toast almonds on a cookie sheet at about 350 for about 7 minutes (be sure to keep an eye on them; they burn easily).  Or you can toast them on the stovetop in a skillet for about the same amount of time.  Stir occasionally.

Toasting almonds

Photo by Homemade Chocolatier

Once cooled, put almonds in a food processor.  Allow to grind them past the dough stage.  If you’re not sure when that is, watch for a huge ball of dough to start rolling around.  When that’s not solid anymore, then the oil in the nuts has broken down and the entire thing will be more liquid.  Scrape down sides as needed.

Add all other ingredients and process until fine and mixed through.  Be sure to scrape the sides for a homogenous mixture.

pureed almonds

Photo by Homemade Chocolatier

I haven’t stored mine in the fridge, but that would probably make it keep longer.  There are no preservatives in this so don’t stick it in the back of  your pantry and forget it.  The oil in the almonds will cause it to get rancid.




  1. Yum! Love making homemade nut butters–kickin’ it up with chocolate sounds great!

  2. Surprisingly, I have always wanted to know how to make almond butter. Chocolate almond butter? Yes, please!

  3. drjr

  4. […] slather with some of that chocolate almond butter and […]

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